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Development in Swift

Shayan Solution specializes in iOS/Swift development. It has plenty of features for making your code more valuable. Some of prominent features of iOS/Swift development is given below.

  • Swift having features like generics are powerful and easier to use
  • We make Lightweight closure syntax and top-class functions with Swift
  • Enums can support pattern matching and have payloads
  • We make the extensions of the protocol which makes the writing of generic code easier
  • From initial conceptions, swift was made to be fast by using its amazing performance compiler technology. Meanwhile, swift’s codes will be converted into enhanced native codes

From initial conceptions, swift was made to be fast by using its amazing performance compiler technology. Meanwhile, swift’s codes will be converted into enhanced native codes.

Development in Android

Shayan Solutions intellectual team has proven expertise and highest level of skillset in Android development. We offer plenty of ways for presenting content to the user. We use the latest Technologies in Android development and to deliver the perfect work is our mantra.

Android analyzes the performance of apps. It successfully finds the technical problems and solves them with pre-launch reports as well as testing tools. It keeps it focus on quality. It reviews its vital dashboards to check how core matrices are working.

In Android development we collect early feedbacks. It chooses to test its app’s early versions internally with the assistance of trusted users. It perfectly improves as well as monitors the technical quality of games and apps or with a public beta.

Development in Laravel

Shayan Solutions has immense expertise in PHP/Laravel development. Laravel is tremendously famous for its strong features, which are too much necessary for the fast development of its web applications. Laravel is a PHP based web application framework. It quickly develops an approach for producing high quality. It designs web applications with trouble-free coding

A team of diligent experts gets involves in great Laravel based solutions for providing numerous business requirements at affordable prices. With the help of Laravel development, it becomes easy and very speedy for creating, designing and customizing various web applications. We can say that Shayan Solutions having no match in Laravel development and we ensure the perfect delivery to clients with in the decided deadlines.

Development in React JS

We are best at React JS development. React JS is JavaScript’s open-source structure, used for building user interfaces and keep up with sites of social networking. React JS solution is available for clients with great UI features with the utilization of React JS library. Its structure assists the developers in creating web applications that can be changed with time without page reloading. Further, it rapidly processes the user-interface. Shayan Solutions unique points with React JS development are given below.

  • In React JS development we provide a hard competition
  • By development with React JS we assist in avoiding those problems which developers face while making applications that are of use for other structures.
  • We prefer React JS as it allows a single-way of data flow as well

Development in Flutter

Flutter is Google’s new app development technology and Shayan Solutions master in it. It enables the same codes for the execution of all brand’s smartphones as web pages or native apps. The main features of Flutter development are given below.

  • Custom widgets are available for fast UI coding
  • Availability of growing community and the slightest learning curve
  • Opportunities for portability, internationalization and instantaneous updates are available

Shayan Solutions prefer to develop cross functional apps in Flutter as it provides widgets that are based on the dart into package, which simplifies its process with the support of 24 languages. Flutter supports units of measure, dates, currencies, layout options for languages that are written from right to left and much more.

Development in React Native

React native is for web solutions. Shayan Solutions can claim that we are among the best one around the Globe in React native development.

Our aim is to provide implementations of compatible browsers of react native’s components. For example, react-native has a version of DOM which knows exactly how to supply. On the other hand, not every component is enough to support that you can share your majority of base codes. Moreover, they are written differently, as well. We provide styles are written for React native as It permits to write styles of the single set which is going to work on both native web and mobile and all styles of react-native are written in JavaScript. We can say that we Shayan Solutions has the best command in React Native.



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