Privacy Policy

We consider ourselves responsible for the on-going well-being of all our customers and visitors who share their business-specific data with us, with the intention to hire our company for every digital solution service. Our privacy policy is governed by the following key rules:

When visiting our website, web portal, career portal etc. we place cookies, gather domain names or IP addresses as per access.

When communicating with our business or development team(s) via email, phone, Skype, or any other digital handle, we gather any public information available on such channels.

When interacting with our HR/admin or any support team(s), we collect any offline/online assets shared with our team directly or indirectly.

Any business-specific requirements shared with any of our team during or after the tenure of your active working contracts with us may or may not be used to develop industry-specific solutions for similar nature of other businesses in the market.

Any personal data collected throughout your communication with us, may or may not stay in our corporate customer data repository for future promotions and/or to nurture our working relationship with you.