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Shayan Solutions is an award-winning Flutter application development company working with startups and enterprises around the world. Our team of experienced Flutter developers can help you build highly functional applications with inherent cross-platform features. If you are looking to develop a cross-platform application with custom features and functionality specific to your organization's needs, please contact us. We offer customized and dedicated hiring models for your unique development needs. Build your team, strengthen it as needed, and pay only after delivery.

Flutter App Developer

Dedicated Flutter Developers for Hire:

Flutter is an open-source framework for mobile apps that is a groundbreaking debut from Google. Experienced and novice Android as well as iOS app developers are at ease using Flutter's framework. Because of its top-quality native interfaces across diverse platforms, Flutter has become today a viable option for developing native apps. When it comes to creating mobile apps, Flutter provides many advantages, in addition to its popularity. Shayan Solutions is the first option if you're looking to employ Flutter developers. As a highly regarded Flutter application development firm, we utilize this renowned cross-platform framework create powerful Android and iOS applications that can bring your company towards the top of the heap. Based on the requirements of your project it is possible to employ Flutter app developers to expand the reach of your application.

Flutter application development services

Our mission is to bring the success we desire with our extremely scalable applications. Additionally, our team of skilled Flutter developers is dedicated to making each application an absolute success. We employ the right technologies and tools for developers to build applications that perform well and aid any company or business achieve success. We offer services to companies that range from small businesses to large-scale enterprises. We offer a variety of services, including

Flutter App Developement Agency

New Flutter application development

We can assist you in creating your Flutter application from scratch that runs across multiple platforms simultaneously. No matter your needs, the Flutter team of engineers will analyze these in-depth and suggest the most effective solution to your application to ensure it is responsive, fluid, and quick.

Migration to Flutter

Whether you wish to migrate from Flutter or switch to Flutter, or upgrade your existing Flutter program to the most recent version, it is up to you. We will help you resolve your issue quickly and efficiently as well as assist you in keeping your applications up-to-date and adapted to the needs of your users.

Custom APIs for server sides

Our Flutter development services include creating client-side JS for web applications and websites. Our top Flutter developers utilize specific APIs that let different operating systems work with the server. Please let us know the specifications of your project, and let us handle the rest.

Application upgrades

If you've got an app developed using Flutter and would like to improve it, we're here to assist. We'll make your Flutter apps more modern with new functions that make them compatible with the most recent version available for iOS or Android. The Flutter developers know that app scaleability. So, your Flutter application will be prepared for any updates required soon.

Support and maintenance

We don't stop until the app has been released. We will take care of your application to ensure the highest quality results even after it has been deployed. We offer maintenance for your application to keep your app up-to-date in line with current trends. We also help increase engagement with users, keep track of customers' needs, and more. Our team will be monitoring your application for security and bugs and address them promptly.

Flutter App Developement Agency

Why Choose Flutter for App Development

At Shayan Solutions, We help you create visually appealing and feature-rich applications. The Flutter developers employ a unifying code base to build cross-platform applications that can eliminate bugs, accelerate app development, and boost investment returns. Here are the top reasons you should consider Flutter to have a fantastic and consistent development experience for your app:

Performance improvement

Flutter apps provide the same capabilities as native mobile applications. In contrast to hybrid apps, Flutter doesn't require any gateway to connect to the operating system's basic features.

Flexible user interface

Flutter provides customizable widgets that can use to build an intuitive as well as flexible interface for users. The most important feature is the real-time enhancement of the user interface that allows unlimited design options in Flutter.

Reload on the fly

In Flutter, the code is instantly displayed on the application's screen. Any modification to the development or code is simpler and quicker than other development platforms.

Reduce the cost

Using a single base code means you only have to code once most of the time. This minimizes the time spent building, testing, or managing multiple applications. You can anticipate savings of as much as 40 percent in many instances.


With Flutter, it is possible to develop cross-platform applications that work across multiple platforms, such as iOS and Android.

Flutter App Developement Agency

Why Hire Flutter App Developer From Shayan Solutions?

There are a variety of Flutter-related companies that guarantee high-quality work. Shayan Solutions is one of them. Not just do we guarantee high quality, but we also offer after-sales support to our clients around the world. Suppose you want to take advantage of the true capabilities of mobile applications that run cross-platform for seamless business development. In that case, you must engage Flutter app development experts at Shayan Solutions. Our skilled developers aid us in providing a wide range of Flutter development services to our clients across different sectors. Here are a few additional reasons to employ the Flutter experts at our company:

Dedicated team

Our company has a dedicated group of Flutter application developers proficient in offering professional solutions of the highest quality using various frameworks and technologies.

Flexible engagement models

Instead of using rigid and inflexible parameters, we provide our customers the freedom to pick from various engagement types and settings.

Flexible time zones

We are always prepared to work within any time zone in your nation. Employ our experienced developers to perform the work within the timezone of your country.

On-time delivery

Our team of developers and designers utilize cutting-edge technologies and agile methodologies to enable us to complete 95% of projects in time.

Cost-effective solution

We provide a perfect blend of affordable pricing and outstanding quality to provide the best value in our industry.

Maintenance and Support

Our dependable maintenance and support teams help you at all stages of creation and deployment.